Easily reduces unsightly warts to reveal smooth, even skin.

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Skin warts are relatively common, and although they are painless lesions, they often look unsightly. That’s why 90% of people decide to remove them using expensive and painful solutions.

Easily reduces unsightly warts to reveal smooth, even skin.

That’s why Smootag was created! This innovative solution helps you get rid of warts easily, painlessly, and in the comfort of your own home.

This mini device uses the technique of removal with micro rings which are implanted in the neck of the wart to cut off the blood flow from the root and dry the wart out until it detaches from the skin.

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How many times have you undergone painful procedures to remove an annoying wart? These highly unpopular methods cause us to suffer unnecessary pain.

Get rid of unsightly warts in the comfort of your own home.

Skin warts are common lesions that can appear anywhere on the body. With Smootag you can reduce these unpleasant lumps and bumps.

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There is no need to suffer unnecessary pain or skin burns in order to effectively remove a wart.

Can you imagine being able to reduce those uncomfortable warts, painlessly and without crossing your front door?

Smootag, the innovative skin care product, is free of toxins and is capable of easily removing warts from any part of the body in just a few days, and in the comfort of your own home.

Effective results without leaving scars or marks on the skin.

How Smootag works is simple. The tool consists of micro rings that are implanted at the root of the wart, blocking the blood supply.

This means that the warts do not receive blood and little by little they begin to dry up and change color, until finally after a few weeks they drop off.

We emphasize the importance of implanting the micro ring correctly in the neck of the wart so that it can effectively apply pressure and block the blood flow. If the ring is placed incorrectly, it will not work.

Carefully designed for an innocuous and painless application.

It helps you get rid of those unsightly warts and get back your confidence, in an easy way and in your own home.

Able to remove warts from any part of the body, (neck, abdomen, arms, hands, back, etc.), We do not recommend its use on the eyelids.

Get back a rejuvenated look and a smooth complexion!

What do people think once they have tested Smootag?

I had been wanting to get rid of an annoying wart on my neck for a long time and thanks to this product I have.

I didn’t trust this kind of do-it-yourself solution, but it’s worked great!

Before trying this wart remover, I had burned my skin with chemicals that promised the same thing, but none worked. Thanks to Smootag I don’t have those uncomfortable lesions on my skin anymore.

See how it works!

Main benefits:

  1. Helps to effectively get rid of those annoying and unsightly warts.
  2. Simple and natural solution that leaves no visible scars or marks.
  3. The effective micro ring technique achieves a natural detachment from the skin.
  4. The two head sizes facilitate the treatment of larger and smaller warts.